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These days almost 80% of the population face acidity and gas trouble problems. It is mainly due to the nature of our work, eating habits and activity pattern.Most of us are mostly indoors stick to television or are engaged in office jobs, henceforth our body hardly moves. Gradually the activity decreases resulting in lot of side effects. Gas trouble is one and the most prominent among them.

Guidelines to maintain a healthy gut

* Lose weight if you are overweight.
* Eat your meals in a peaceful environment. Avoid eating when you are upset.
* Eat slowly. Chew well. Stay conscious of the process. It is important to chew every bite of food 20 times.
* Avoid heavy, greasy and spicy foods.
* Honour your appetite. Eat when you feel hungry and stop when you are satiated.
* Leave one-fourth of your stomach empty.
* Sit quietly for a few minutes after finishing your meals.
* Stay upright after eating.
* Avoid smoking.
* Avoid gas producing foods – heavy fried foods, excessive spices and chillies, papads/ legumes, milk products (if lactose intolerant).
* Switch to de caf or restrict the intake of caffeine, by limiting tea/ coffee consumption to 2 cups a day.
* Cut back on red meat consumption helps if you suffer from acidity. Lean meat such as chicken breast or fish, can take the place of acid-forming red meat.


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