No Editing Just Editing | Diet Mantra


“A Diet Mantra that will be your own.”


“Based on my interactions and experience, I will be presenting you a diet plan that works. This plan will enable you to reach your desired weight as you take full advantage of your wonderfully calibrated natural body response. For dieters specifically, this means balanced nutrition and regular eating habits as opposed to drastic calorie-cutting, or erratic eating patterns, which leads to low energy levels or health problems.”

I have trained all dieticians at Diet mantra, to understand your metabolism, lifestyle habits and goals, and a plan best suited for your needs.

Here your diet will be edited or modified, one meal at a time. As I believe it is imperative to modify changes gradually, so they become a habit. When you changed too much too soon your body adapts and reaches a plateaus sooner than necessary. This impedes weight loss in the long run.

Yo-yoing of is weight common, which is precisely what we wish to eliminate. Our endeavour is to create life habits to help you reach your ideal weight goals and maintain them sensibly.