WORLD KIDNEY DAY “13th MARCH” – Diet Mantra aims to protect your kidney on World’s Kidney Day | Diet Mantra

WORLD KIDNEY DAY “13th MARCH” – Diet Mantra aims to protect your kidney on World’s Kidney Day

WORLD KIDNEY DAY “13th MARCH” – Diet Mantra aims to protect your kidney on World’s Kidney Day

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World’s Kidney Day is celebrated on the second Thursday in March with the mission to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys to our overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide.

According to The National Kidney Foundation of India, it is estimated that 100 people in a million suffer from kidney ailments in India and around 90,000 kidney transplants are required annually in India. Many people are currently not aware that their kidneys are damaged and they might find out too late. So, it is important to remain conscious and alert about the causative factors for kidney disorders to keep our kidneys healthy.

Acute Renal failure: The loss of kidney function is called acute kidney injury, also known as acute renal failure (ARF). This can occur following a traumatic injury with blood loss, the sudden reduction of blood flow to the kidneys, damage to the kidneys from shock during a severe infection called sepsis, obstruction of urine flow, or damage from certain drugs or toxins. Acute kidney injury can also occur from pregnancy complications, such as eclampsia and pre-eclampsia.

Chronic Renal Failure: Chronic Kidney disease occurs when kidney dysfunctioning lasts longer than 3 months. The major causative factors for CRF are

* Diabetes (types 1 and 2)
* High blood pressure
* Immune system conditions, such as lupus, and chronic viral illnesses such as HIV/AIDS
* Hepatitis B and hepatitis C.
* Minimal physical activity
* Unhealthy diet
* Smoking and drinking are some of the reasons that are resulting in an increased number of chronic kidney diseases – especially among women – in both rural and urban India.

Healthy Guidelines to protect your kidney from diseases

* Get a regular check up done for your kidney function if you have any of the risk factors mentioned above.
* Remain healthy and fit: A healthy and active lifestyle helps you to keep your blood pressure and sugar under control thus decreasing the chances for kidney related disorders
* Maintain your weight: An ideal and healthy body weight helps prevent diabetes, heart disease and other conditions associated with Chronic Kidney Disease.
* Eat a healthy and balanced diet: Avoid high protein and mono diets as they can overload the kidney resulting in kidney dysfunctioning.
* Avoid smoking as it slows the flow of blood to the kidneys. When less blood reaches the kidneys, it impairs their ability to function properly. Smoking also increases the risk of kidney cancer by about 50 percent.
* Do not take over the counter drugs like steroids regularly or without the advice of doctors.
Monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure regularly.

Key Dietary recommendations

* Each kidney disorder requires a specific diet. Your health care provider or dietitian can customised a diet for you based on how well your kidneys are working.
* Most people who have kidney disease need to limit salt (sodium), fluids, and protein. Some also have to limit potassium and phosphorus.
* Enough calories are required in case of kidney disorders to be healthy and have energy. If you have a hard time eating enough, talk to your dietitian about ways to add calories to your diet
* Your diet may change over time as your disease changes. See your health care provider for regular testing, and work with a dietitian to adjust your diet as needed.

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